Natasha, the ex- stripper

Φατριά : Μπρούχα


It really doesn’t matter where you’ re from. The only thing that matters is where you’ re heading. What your purpose is and how you can define yourself through your actions.
I once knew I girl that was one of the pretty pretty butterflies of the night. She was a moth, but once you painted her wings with alluring colors and trusted the shadows to do the rest of the work it seemed to all fit together. Trapped in world so eager to consume her.

Then came the change. He, the beast, entrapped the butterfly and washed away the paint. Plucked her wings, left her naked on the floor and killed her. Then he gave her new life, a new way of feeling, seeing the world. He changed her in ways she could never imagine. She admired him, adored him, but he was always so distant.

She had to find new purpose. The role was given to her and she was eager to play the part. New strength flowed through her veins, new weight on her shoulders. A catharsis of too many wrongs committed became the way she could achieve bliss mixed with the destructive fire she so adored.

Now I dream of a girl that……… Oh fuck this shit. I sound like a loony. Listen to me you little wanker. If you dare consider breaking the law I will hunt you. I will find you and I will hurt you. I will stuff your little notebook, down your little dead ass. How is that for an evaluation? Can I leave now? Some of us have real work to do… darling.

Natasha, the ex- stripper

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